Space Blue, BitBasel, and Modernist come together to host the Lunar Gallery, a series of art exhibits held in several locations during Miami Art Week/Art Basel Miami, 2023.

Featured artwork selected for the Lunar Art Gallery includes:

Michael Nash’s SpaceMan, The 9th Raider Film and Art Project- Lunar Records 60s Space Rock and Summer of Love collection, Ryūzan-FACE the DRAGON, 47-Ronin inspired art collection by Sir Godric Rei8n, Iconic world-class photographer Pepe Soho- Marshmello To the Moon-Stacy Engman’s Celestial Art Collection, Climate Refugees Lunar Art Exhibit (based on the award-winning documentary), NFT Blue Studios’s “Ocean Light” (Filmmaker-Artist Dallas Santana and Kalibri) and Ascension 2020-(NFT Blue-Dallas Santana collaboration with Alexandria Morrow), MaxiArts/Roger Sichel’s 1969 dated Woodstock collection and Isla Moon and a collection of artwork by Bitbasels SDG art initiatives (Rainer Wenzl, Alejandro Glatt, Sam Price, Priscilla D’Britto, Guillermina Blancarte, Pilar Cote, Superama), Florian Reinhardt photography of 1000 exit Signs all over the world, Rudolf Budja, Crystal Paris, Markus Klinko and David Bendavid.

Space Blue is curating the gallery called “The Lunar Gallery” an art exhibition of artwork inspired by the 60’s era turning point of space exploration the moon landing, and music and culture. From the iconic Woodstock festival to our first moon landing, lots happened during the summer of love in 1969.

The Space Blue Gallery and Auctions and exhibits include historic art and rare albums of history featuring “Summer of Love” rock icons by Lunar Records ( a spin-off of iconic record group Melody Trust)-music that is literally going to be archived on the moon and will feature woodstock era art and historic pieces on sale with a twin certified copy destined for a lunar museum. A great match to this collection is the 60’s Summer of Love collection with Lunar Records and original Woodstock photographer Roger Sichels, whose Woodstock collection he shot in 1969 the same year the Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon for the first time.

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