Lunar Records

Melody Trust LLC, has recently formed a new record label “Lunar Records”, in partnership with Space Blue for the specific curation of the “Lunaprise Moon Museum” project as a permanent art museum by way of a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to make history with the first moon landing for NASA and the USA since 1972, and ahead of the Artemis moon launch scheduled with 4 astronauts slated for 2025.

Space Blue is a global tech-art community where music, film, digital art, fashion, and virtual reality come together!

Lunaprise Moon Museum aims to eternally preserve humanity’s creative masterpieces by establishing an innovative lunar museum. With a diverse collection of art, music, film, and historical artifacts, this extraordinary project captures the essence of human creativity over time.

Through this pioneering endeavor, the Lunaprise Mission strives to immortalize our artistic legacy, cultural achievements, and technological progress over a billion years, ensuring that future generations, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, can marvel at the artistic wonders that define our civilization.

Lunaprise Moon Museum