Melody Trust partners with SpaceBlue to form Lunar Records and sends Legendary Music to the Moon

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 6 2024 / Melody Trust LLC.,, a company owned by Hollywall Entertainment, Inc (OTC:HWAL) has recently formed a new record label “Lunar Records”, in partnership with Space Blue, for the specific curation of the “Lunaprise Moon Museum” and that was aboard a payload in the SpaceX Falcon 9, which embarked from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 15, 2024. The Lunar space craft named Odysseus successfully landed on the Moon on February 22, 2024, also carrying the Lunaprise Moon Museum that had been bolted to the lunar lander prior to launch.

Dallas Santana, (Santana), the curator and founder behind Space Blue, stated, “Lunar Records and the Lunaprise Moon Museum aims to eternally immortalize our music artistic legacy over a billion years, ensuring that future generations, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, can marvel at the music artistic wonders that define our civilization”.

Dallas Santana, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. With an exhilarating career spanning defense contracting, executive producing programming for major television networks, and pioneering Web 3.0 innovative projects minting on the blockchain the first sneakers, some of the first photo collections, and Academy Awards moments. Santana’s latest venture curating art being permanently placed in space is a testament to his vision of merging cutting-edge technology available with the brilliant inventors of the nickel Nanofiche disks that are the lunar library, with human expression in art”.

Santana comes from a family who set records in technical innovation and art, his family are Ivy League graduates in art and art history, his grandparents both art professors set a world record for their art collection sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, and his grandfather was a young Yale engineer, working in media innovations with radio pioneer de Forest on the first broadcast of radio over bodies of water across Cape Cod.

Lunarprise Museum
The Lunaprise Museum Project has sent an indestructible time capsule to the Moon featuring fine art, digital art, music, film, and historical artifacts curated by Space Blue.

The Lunaprise Museum will house 1:1 physically engraved twin duplicates from Earth where it will be archived for 1 Billion years in vaults on the moon.

The Lunaprise Library is a collaboration of several entities, including SpaceBlue, Galactic Legacy Labs LLC, and Arch Mission Foundation

As quoted in Billboard Magazine, “History was made February 22, 2024, when the Odysseus space craft landed on earth’s moon, Not only did it mark the first time a private lander made lunar touchdown but also the lunar lander made musical history as well, bringing digitized recordings from some of the most iconic musicians of all time to an arts-centric time capsule that’s currently sitting on the moon’s silent surface. This lunar art museum spans millennia, reaching all the way back to a Sumerian cuneiform fragment of musical notation up to modern-day beats by Timbaland. The digitized lunar archive includes material from 20th century icons Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Sly & the Family Stone, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, The Who and many more, as well as photos of everything from Woodstock to album art (naturally, a photo of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is included) in a glass, nickel and NanoFiche structure built to last millions of, if not a billion, years.

“This is music that stands the test of time,” says Dallas Santana, who came up with the idea of sending 222 artists to the moon and pitched it to the Arch Mission Foundation. Working with Galactic Legacy Labs, Space Blue (Santana’s company) curated the payload.

As the curator of the musical moon museum, Santana says music from 1969 and artists who played Woodstock are a focal point of this collection for several reasons. On July 20, 1969, humans set foot on the moon for the time; just weeks later, the Summer of Love reached its pinnacle when 460,000 people gathered at the Woodstock Music Festival in a spirit of peaceful togetherness he hopes this capsule will evoke.

The archive from Melody Trust, which Santana says is about 25,000 songs deep, includes unreleased recordings from some of these musical legends, according to Santana. “Songs that have never been released, ever — they’re on the moon now,” he says, tipping to purportedly unreleased recordings of Hendrix captured prior to the formation of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. As a huge Hendrix fan, he says he was “immediately skeptical” about them at first but was pleasantly surprised to be wrong about them after months of “due diligence and analysis” from his advisors. “The world will find out about them,” he promises.

While the Space Blue founder has previously teased an arts-centric payload on this mission, he specifically kept the names of the musicians known to a select few. “NASA doesn’t know – SpaceX doesn’t know yet,” he says. “Elon Musk is the greatest rocketeer of all time and we’re grateful for his company. A lot of musicians asked, Does Elon Musk have anything to do with deciding what musicians go up there? And I said, “Absolutely not, this is a private payload.” Santana concluded by saying “We need peace on the earth right now. We’ve brought to the moon the Summer of Love, the people and artists and messages that are needed on earth right now.”

About Space Blue
Space Blue, is a thriving web 3.0 global art, media, production house and global tech-art consortium where music, film, digital art, fashion, art enthusiasts, technology aficionados and passionate loves of all things related to Space come together in one community. Space Blue are curators of The Lunar Museum. Learn more at www

About Melody Trust
For decades, Melody Trust LLC, a HWAL Company has curated and preserved rare and the most coveted unpublished recordings, photos and videos from countless Legendary Music Recording Artists to include James Brown, The Who, Dolly Parton, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Willie Nelson, Ike and Tina Turner, Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Rod Stewart, George Jones, Count Basie, and hundreds of other music legends.

Melody Trust was formed to protect the rights of legendary music recording artists and songwriters and to foster monetizing opportunities that will provide increased equitable royalties to the Music Performer and Song Writer Legends and their estates from the newly developed music merchandise sales.

Last year and during the same time of formation of Melody Trust, Hollywall Entertainment, (HWAL) its parent company also formed with LIG Assets Inc., (LIGA) a jointly held AI driven broadcast media and entertainment company, Ailiance Inc,

Melody Trust also forged last year a partnership with Andrea Holmes Thompkins, President/Founder of Ace Media Corp., in the formation of Ace Melody LLC to represent rare and unseen photos and videos of Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and many other artists photographed by Dr Dennis C. during concerts held at the Filmore East during the Woodstock era. This photo collection is part of the Summer of Love Collection and is in the time capsule now sitting on the Moon.

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Beloved Arctic Pup Character Marshmello Has Hitched a Ride on a Space X Falcon 9 and Will Now Be Immortalized on the Moon

Source: AP

Snoopy traveled with NASA in the the 1960s to land on the moon, now a new female pet character will make the moon its home for 1 billion years!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, February 27, 2024 (EZ Newswire) — Space Blue, a company that specializes in space exploration and innovation, today announced that the beloved Arctic pup character Marshmello has hitched a ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 and will now be immortalized on the moon thanks to the Lunaprise Moon Museum and Time Capsule. This groundbreaking project marks a significant milestone in the intersection of art, technology, and space exploration, catapulting a piece of digital art linked to the adorable Earth-based Arctic pet, Marshmello, into lunar history.

The Lunaprise Moon Mission, which successfully landed Marshmello’s artwork on the moon on February 22, 2022, utilizes cutting-edge nickel and nano technologies to preserve her 1,111 art pieces for over a billion years. This collaboration between SpaceX, private lunar lander companies, space contractors, and the Arch Mission Foundation, introduces Marshmello as the first pet animal character art project curated and archived in the lunar archive, dubbed Lunagrams.

The Pet project also makes history as the first Bitcoin and Bitcoin ordinal project to land on the moon. Discover the uniqueness of Bitcoin ordinals and Marshmello’s collection:

As the first Bitcoin art project to reach the moon, Marshmello’s collection employs Bitcoin Ordinals to ensure authenticity and provenance, connecting collectors on Earth with their counterparts on the Lunaprise. This innovative approach not only celebrates the bond between humans and pets but also pioneers a new era of digital art collection and preservation.

Perhaps thousands or millions of years from now, future archeologist will unearth the archive on the moon to discover that indeed someone on Earth loved their pet. At the entrance to the archive on Lunaprise upper layers of discs, before you get to see Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci paintings inscribed like cave drawings on nickel materials, you will find the modern-era Sphinx guarding the Great Pyramid, this time it is Marshmello, the beloved dog who lived on planet Earth and witnessed the space program connecting and meeting its many astronauts and scientists and who witnessed the actual launch of her artwork on the Space X Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center on February 15, 2024.

The project is the brainchild of the real human pet owner, Space Blue curator Dallas Santana, who travels everywhere with the real-life Marshmello, a tiny white Artic fox-type Pomeranian that many in the space and arts community have come to adore.

Dallas Santana, Space Blue curator and the visionary behind this project, emphasizes the importance of including a symbol of humanity’s best friend in this lunar endeavor. His aim is to foster a connection between families, children, and the Artemis vision, highlighting the urgent need for off-Earth storage of our cultural, scientific, and biological heritage and even preservation of our animal’s DNA in case something happens bad on the Earth.

The mission, a part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS), showcases a diverse array of human creativity and ingenuity. From ancient Sumerian civilizations to the Renaissance and the modern digital era, Santana has curated a collection that spans the breadth of human expression, underscoring the significance of preserving our legacy beyond our planet.

“The moment I got appointed to oversee the curation of this project, I had my mind set that we would include a dog, a symbol of humanity’s best friend and companion on planet Earth and a great way for families and children to connect and understand the Artemis vision and urgent need for specific storage off-Earth of a backup of our culture art, science, animal and biological DNA, digital files and the stories of human connection with animals pets,” said Santana, curator of the Space Blue arts program.

Meanwhile on Earth, Marshmello the Arctic pup artwork will be auctioned off by Space Blue and 100% donated towards impactful projects for humanity. Through a space impact foundation called SI Fund each digital art piece that goes to the Lunaprise Moon Museum will have Earth-based twin files that are authenticated through blockchain technology. The sale of these helps to funnel proceeds to help humanity in various areas of need. Marshmello is well-known to social media stars. NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” star Olga Safari introduced Marshmello to Logan Paul for a video series about his dog Kong. In this series, Kong is looking for a date and discovers the new love of his life, a tiny teacup arctic fox Pomeranian he then dubbed “wifey.” The video series with the romance completed with the episode “Smash Love Pad,’’ resulting in over 50 million views. Marshmello was also spotted snuggling with models from “America’s Next Top Model.” Also, she was featured on ABC’s “The Bachelor” television promotion with her cryptopreneur “Daddy Dog.” Marshmello most recently appeared in a Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic movie The 9th Raider. This is just one of many of Marshmello’s media feats managed by the team at Space Blue

Marshmello’s journey from social media stardom to becoming a lunar pioneer captivates the imagination, bridging the gap between art, science, and exploration. Her digital collectibles, now valued at staggering amounts, contribute to impactful earth-based projects, demonstrating the potential of art to effect real-world change.

This historic mission, facilitated by space contractors and collaborators and the art curation team at Space Blue supported by a massive growing global community, celebrates our cosmic companions and the enduring human spirit of exploration and innovation. As Marshmello’s artwork takes its place among the stars, it serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of our shared destiny in the cosmos.

Space Blue: Honoring Our Cosmic Companions for Eternity

Discover more about this unprecedented mission and how Marshmello’s art is making history on Space Blue’s official website and Marshmello’s digital collectibles website.

Media Contact

Curator’s Office

Humans Finally Put A Timbaland Song On The Moon

STEREOGUM February 26, 2024 4:01 PM BY JAMES RETTIG

Humans have finally put a Timbaland song on the moon. Last week, the Odysseus became the first private lunar spacecraft to land on the surface of the moon, and the first American-built lander to be on the moon since 1972. Included with the lander were digitized recordings of some of the most popular musicians of all time.

As Billboard reports, the lander is home to a “lunar art museum” that traces human artistic achievement from the beginning of recorded history through now, and that includes songs by Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Sly & the Family Stone, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, the Who, and more. Among the 25,000 songs included on a “glass, nickel and NanoFiche structure built to last millions of, if not a billion, years” are some “modern-day beats by Timbaland.”

“This is music that stands the test of time,” Dallas Santana, who runs a company called Space Blue that was responsible for the museum, told Billboard. He also mentioned that there are unreleased recordings from some of the musicians that were sent up to the moon, specifically some early Jimi Hendrix recordings that have apparently never seen the light of day.

To gain the rights to the music that now lives on the moon, Santana created an entity called Lunar Records, partnering with Beverly Hills Productions and Melody Trust.

The Odysseus hitched a ride to the moon aboard a SpaceX rocket, though Dallas went out of his way to tell Billboard that Elon Musk did not know what musicians would be sent up with the lunar lander: “Elon Musk is the greatest rocketeer of all time, we’re grateful for his company. When we decided to have conversations about musicians last year, we thought it was not appropriate to bring to it to his attention what we were going to do,” he said. “And musicians were concerned about that. They said, ‘Does Elon Musk have anything to do with deciding what musicians go up there?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely not, this is a private payload.’”

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The Lunaprise Mission

Art is going to the moon in 2023 as a permanent art museum by way of a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to make history with the first moon landing for NASA and the USA since 1972.

Lunaprise aims to eternally preserve humanity’s creative masterpieces by establishing an innovative lunar museum. With a diverse collection of art, music, film, and historical artifacts, this extraordinary project captures the essence of human creativity and Zeitgeist over time. Through this pioneering endeavor, the Lunaprise Mission strives to immortalize our artistic legacy, cultural achievements, and technological progress over a billion years, ensuring that future generations, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, can marvel at the artistic wonders that define our civilization.

Be part of history with Space Blue! Showcase your creativity on our lunar missions for a chance to leave a timeless mark in the cosmos.

Space Blue, BitBasel, and Modernist come together to host the Lunar Gallery, a series of art exhibits held in several locations during Miami Art Week/Art Basel Miami, 2023.

Featured artwork selected for the Lunar Art Gallery includes:

Michael Nash’s SpaceMan, The 9th Raider Film and Art Project- Lunar Records 60s Space Rock and Summer of Love collection, Ryūzan-FACE the DRAGON, 47-Ronin inspired art collection by Sir Godric Rei8n, Iconic world-class photographer Pepe Soho- Marshmello To the Moon-Stacy Engman’s Celestial Art Collection, Climate Refugees Lunar Art Exhibit (based on the award-winning documentary), NFT Blue Studios’s “Ocean Light” (Filmmaker-Artist Dallas Santana and Kalibri) and Ascension 2020-(NFT Blue-Dallas Santana collaboration with Alexandria Morrow), MaxiArts/Roger Sichel’s 1969 dated Woodstock collection and Isla Moon and a collection of artwork by Bitbasels SDG art initiatives (Rainer Wenzl, Alejandro Glatt, Sam Price, Priscilla D’Britto, Guillermina Blancarte, Pilar Cote, Superama), Florian Reinhardt photography of 1000 exit Signs all over the world, Rudolf Budja, Crystal Paris, Markus Klinko and David Bendavid.

Space Blue is curating the gallery called “The Lunar Gallery” an art exhibition of artwork inspired by the 60’s era turning point of space exploration the moon landing, and music and culture. From the iconic Woodstock festival to our first moon landing, lots happened during the summer of love in 1969.

The Space Blue Gallery and Auctions and exhibits include historic art and rare albums of history featuring “Summer of Love” rock icons by Lunar Records ( a spin-off of iconic record group Melody Trust)-music that is literally going to be archived on the moon and will feature woodstock era art and historic pieces on sale with a twin certified copy destined for a lunar museum. A great match to this collection is the 60’s Summer of Love collection with Lunar Records and original Woodstock photographer Roger Sichels, whose Woodstock collection he shot in 1969 the same year the Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon for the first time.